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Camp Hermosa


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Camp Hermosa "Treading for Bedding "

Campaign Ended Aug. 15, 2018

On Saturday, August 11, the Camp Hermosa Lifeguards will be participating in Treading for Bedding, treading water from 7pm-7am to raise money to build new cabins for the girls!

This fall we will break ground on at least 3 girls cabins, but completing all 6 cabins will be achievable with your help and support! Please give generously to help us realize our goal of new cabins for all campers in time for summer 2019!

To view the Treading for Bedding poster, click here.  To view a short video explaining Treading for Bedding, click here.

We will live stream portions of Treading for Bedding on Saturday night, so be sure to check our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!

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