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Camp Oshkidee


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Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

Camp Oshkidee has a long history of a place where families get away for refreshment & revival. Back in the 1970's a group of visionaries established and built a beautiful location for this to happen. Through their hard work and sacrifice many people's lives have been enriched.

We have seen God's blessing and protection of this facility this past year, our season of Fire & Ice, but we also recognize that there are great needs to restore this facility again. The winter freeze up caused significant damage in the Lodge. The forest fires scared many people who consider Oshkidee their 'home' for a week a year - this place means a lot to many people!

We are at a point in the life of Camp Oshkidee where facility investment needs to happen to protect and restore the beauty of the camp property.  The Board is seeking donations of $120,000 to accomplish these things that need to be done before they deteriorate into some major repairs.

This includes these needed projects:     1. Lodge Water Treatment system destroyed by freeze up      2. Shop roof repair (cover with green tin)     3. Lodge upper floor repair/replace     4. Lodge kitchen refurbishment     5. Replace old windows with working, efficient windows     6. Cabin doors and floors      7. Finish the Hut     8. Lodge roof

We are seeking to raise $25,000 of that amount through this online campaign. Camp Oshkidee has impacted thousands of people over the past 40 years, and this will help ensure this to continue forward for many more years. 

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