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About Us

The Campbell River Hospice Society provides caring and compassionate support to children and adults experiencing end-of-life or grieving through a variety of services at no cost. The process starts by submitting a referral which can come from patients and their family members or through doctors and other healthcare professionals. Patients must be aware of referrals and can be completed online by phone or at our office. 


Our Mission is to ensure that dying and bereaved people have access to programs and services provided by trained, committed staff and volunteers, supported by an organization that is passionate in achieving our long-term Vision.


Our Vision for the Hospice Society is to ensure everyone in Campbell River and surrounding communities has access to high-quality care through programs and services that offer counselling, companioning, and understanding when experiencing end-of-life or bereavement, regardless of beliefs and culture.

What People Are Saying

"As a nurse, my greatest challenge was helping my patients understand that hospice and palliative care is provided to help you live your best life, in a compassionate caring environment where you can enjoy your loved ones before end-of-life, without pain and suffering. "

— Geri Arkell, Board Chair

"    I was a family doctor in Campbell River for 35 years and really enjoyed my work, however, I don't think the needs of my terminally ill patients and their families were always met. Our goal at the hospice is to provide that caring place to honour the passing of life and the grieving process. "

— Dr. Bruce Wood

"I have seen the difference hospice can make at the end of life - the loving kindness, the alleviation of fear and pain, the comfort for the person dying, as well as for their loved ones.  "

— Mary. P

"Journeying with someone who is recovering from grief due to a loss of a loved one is volunteering that feeds my soul.  "

— Connie B

"I have chosen to volunteer at Hospice to try to pay back the kindness and compassion that was shown to my children’s father at Ty Watson house in Port Alberni.  "

— Leone B

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