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Camp Kadesh


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Shower House Project

Campaign Ended Sept. 1, 2019

n 2019 it is our hope that we’ll be able to complete a brand new shower house.

As a non-profit charity we work to keep the various fees at Camp Kadesh as low as possible. The fees that are paid for the Outdoor Recreation Program and our Summer Camps are used to pay our great staff and to keep sustaining the property as is.

To expand and build it takes generosity on the part of our supporters.

We know that most people would love to see us build a shower house to have have bathrooms close to the cabins and to expand the number of people that can shower at one time.

Campers would love it. Parents would appreciate it. Our staff would be SOOOOO happy.

We are hoping to raise about $50,000 this fall to ensure the confidence to move the project along this fall. We currently have approximately 40% of the $200,000 dollars it would take to finish the project.

Why do we need a shower house? Currently almost everyone at camp share the bathrooms located in the main Chalet building. First, there are limited showers for about 200+ people on site each week. The Chalet is not that close to the cabins and in the middle of the night or in bad or cold weather it would be great to have bathrooms more centrally located. Even more so in our winter programming.

Why is this fall critical? In order to build and finish a shower house in 2019 we need to get the trenching with power, sewage and other infrastructure into the group this fall. To wait until spring would cause the work to disrupt our programming that starts right away in May with school programs. We want to move forward in October to ensure a 2019 completion.

$52,390 raised out of $200,000 goal

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