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Farm Family

From the majestic Clydesdales to newly hatched chicks, farm animals are at the heart of the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum.

If they have a special place in your heart too, why not give the gift of a Farm Family symbolic adoption?

The animals you “adopt” will still live at the Museum, but you can give someone special in your life – a child, a teacher, a friend, a colleague – an unforgettable gift that supports this unique farm in the city.

When you give the gift of Farm Family, you help support the Museum programs – including school trips and summer camps – that showcase the important role that farm animals play in the everyday lives of Canadians.

Individuals, families, clubs, classes, schools, and corporations are all invited to welcome an animal family of their choice into their Farm Family at the level of their choice.

Planters Circle ($20) donors receive:

  • thank you letter and tax receipt
  • personalized eCard for your recipient

Cultivators Circle ($50) donors receive:

  • all Planters Circle benefits
  • colour photo of your animal

Sustainers Circle ($100) donors receive:

  • all Cultivators Circle benefits
  • name of your choice in Farm Family display*

Nurturers Circle ($500) donors receive:

  • all Sustainers Circle benefits
  • exclusive invitation to Farm Family day**

*for 12 months **for you and 4 guests