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Nicaragua Emergency Response Campaign

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2018

Assist the children and youth of Nicaragua to continue with their studies amidst the humanitarian crisis.

In April 2018, civil conflict erupted in Nicaragua (learn about the details of the conflict here) that has led to over 300 individuals killed through state-sponsored violence, and hundreds more being  taken as political prisoners. The country has been in turmoil ever since, with the economy in a state of free-fall, civil liberties being deeply curtailed with journalists being deported and opposition political party leaders being detained, and many thousands being forced to flee to refugee camps established south of the Nicaraguan border.

In the midst of this, the children and youth have been deeply affected. In many regions, schools have been closed or had to limit operations for concerns due to concerns for student safety. 

Your support will assist SOS' long-time NGO partners (Seeds of Learning, and ANIDES) in Nicaragua to assist the children and youth of their communities amidst these challenging times.

Your support will support go towards:

- A school-based nutritional and mental health support program delivered by ANIDES to assist the children and youth most deeply affected by the crisis 

- Expansion of a scholarship programs run by Seeds of Learning, to ensure no young people are forced to halt studies due to the economic hardships of the crisis

- Assistance to help students continue their education through self-study, enabled through offline-accessible tablets with pre-loaded educational content

100% of your donation goes directly to children wanting to learn. Thanks to SOS' unique social enterprise model, no funds go to any form of administrative, marketing, or fundraising costs.

We welcome you to learn more about the communities in which we work through this series of blogs and follow along through Twitter for ongoing updates on the crisis in Nicaragua and the impact of your support

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