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Gossie Possy

Lisa Ienzi's fundraiser supporting CANADIAN ALLERGY, ASTHMA, AND IMMUNOLOGY FOUNDATION in Top 10 Challenge

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Under our roof, we have six food allergies: dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, flax and mustard. Navigating through life with food allergies is challenging, and stressful.  Many are not aware of the seriousness and severity of food allergies (life threatening!!), how to identify the signs and symptoms of a reaction, as well as how to respond to a reaction.

We are participating in the Top 10 Challenge to experience a “day on the plate” of someone with food allergies that are different from our own allergens (which none of us consume). We have decided to give up eggs, as this is something that will be a challenge for us as a family.

We are also participating in the Top 10 Challenge to help increase empathy and awareness towards food allergies, and to help raise funds for allergy-research. Please donate to help us make a difference for a cause that is near and dear to our heart!

Together, through awareness, we will find a cure! xo