Badlands Amphitheatre (home of the Badlands Passion Play)


Business Number: 131488223RR0001

Our Mission

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play portrays the life of Jesus, increases awareness and skill in the arts, unifies our community around common projects and encourages tourism by creating significant cultural attractions.

What People Are Saying

"This performance was world class and rivaled the theatre that I had seen earlier in my trip on Broadway. Stunningly executed by a director who clearly knew how to constantly surprise and engage through spectacle, music, site specific staging, movement and dialogue."

— Anne - Sydney, Australia, Read More

"The production is excellent and the backdrop brings the play alive. We were in Germany 5 years ago for their Passion Play. We found this to be superior as the setting is so perfect!"

— M. - Saskatoon, SK., Read More

"Excellent story and production! The cast and the setting is very very impressive. The location is very accessible and operation is very impressive."

— John K., Read More

"It’s a powerful story told with compassion, insight, integrity and love and it unfolds in a breathtaking natural amphitheatre on the outskirts of Drumheller. It all seems so real and so immediate, which makes this story of the ministry,death and resurrection of Christ eminently compelling.”"

— Louis B. Hobson - Calgary Herald Theatre Critic

"We LOVED the performance...everything about it was spectacular, awesome (in the true sense of the word), amazing and powerful. A thousand thank you's to all."

— Mary - Vancouver, BC

"We really, genuinely enjoyed it. I will sum up the whole experience in two words ''Simply Amazing''. "

— Carolyn – London, England

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