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Taking Action Against Child Abuse

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

2019 Updated Curriculum includes the following:

Child / Teen booklet

Exploration of possible Fears and Anxieties, Breathing / Relaxation Techniques, Court Roles and Protocols, Court Process, Memory Strategies, Role Plays using a fictional story, Cross-Examination Video

Parent Booklet

This booklet provides information about the Court Preparation Process and the Court Preparation Class that children take prior to testifying for criminal court proceedings. Please note there will is no discussion of the child’s individual situation during the class. The class is a curriculum-based program, but the format will vary based on the age, attention span, and learning needs of children who will learn to be a Witness in a fun, safe and comfortable environment.

Facilitator booklet

This handbook is a step by step guide that suggests how to prepare children for court.

Cross-examination video

The video has 4 scenarios that kids may face when testifying. The scenarios include:

  • Sentence Structure
  • Asking Mostly ‘Yes’ Questions
  • Persistent Repetition of a Question
  • Pressing on Subtle Differences in Recorded Testimony vs. Recent Testimony
  • Pinpointing Dates
  • Seeking Exact Details

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