Beauty Gives Back

Registered Name: Look Good Feel Better / Belle et bien dans sa peau

Business Number: 133740316RR0001

Founded by our legacy partners in the Canadian cosmetic and beauty industry, the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation, operating as Beauty Gives Back, is dedicated to beating the Cancer Blues – the term we have given to the emotional fallout from cancer and its treatment.

Cancer doesn’t just attack the body, it can also rob a woman of her sense of self.  The fight is as much a mental one as it is physical.  In fact, the impact of cancer and its treatment on a woman’s psycho-social and emotional health is cited most often by patients as the most difficult consequence of the disease. 

Through our free, vital, cancer support programs Look Good Feel Better and, thousands of women across Canada are finding the support, courage and confidence they need to feel human again in the face of the ravages of cancer and its treatment.  Together, with our supporters, we can help restore their confidence, and the confidence of those around them, so women with cancer can live with dignity and fight with conviction.



Our Charitable Programs:

Look Good Feel Better is an empowering cosmetic and hair alternatives workshop that teaches women how to manage the devastating appearance-related effects of cancer treatment so that they can face the challenges ahead with a renewed sense of hope, confidence and resilience.  Offered at 118 cancer care facilities and hospitals across the country, Look Good Feel Better has benefitted more than 165,000 women to date.  Visit for more information. is an online community of support where women, and those who love them, can gather to talk “everything else they’re going through” as part of their cancer journey, such as financial concerns, the challenges of meeting family responsibilities or for many, the fear of re-occurrence after treatment has finished.  More than 80,000 women have found helpful information and resources at

What People Are Saying

"Best day I've had since being diagnosed with cancer...I forgot I was sick!"

— Look Good Feel Better alumni

"For the first time since finding a lump, I was sitting with a group of women who were going through exactly what I was going through and feeling what I was feeling. You don’t have to protect their feelings or hide your pain."

— Cynthia M, LGFB Alumni

"The Look Good Feel Better workshop was one of the most crucial moments in my life. I felt understood and that I was not alone."

— Guylaine B, LGFB Alumni

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