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Our Mission

The Canadian Liver Foundation is dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of all liver diseases. The Foundation actively supports education and research into the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of liver disease.


The Canadian Liver Foundation is a national non-profit organization committed to promoting liver health and providing hope to people living with liver disease through:

  • investing in liver research
  • sharing the knowledge gained through liver research with the medical community and the public
  • delivering support programs through committed volunteers
  • advocating for liver health for all Canadians

The liver is a resilient, maintenance-free organ that's easy to ignore - until something goes wrong. Because of its wide-ranging responsibilities, the liver often comes under attack by viruses, toxic substances (including alcohol), contaminants and disease. Even when it is under siege however, the liver is very slow to complain. Often, people with liver problems will be completely unaware because they may have few, if any, symptoms. The liver is such a stalwart organ that it will continue working even when two thirds of it has been damaged by scarring (cirrhosis).

While there have been major advances in treating liver diseases, there are no cures. That's why it's important to take steps to prevent liver disease, such as making healthy lifestyle choices and getting immunized against viruses that can cause liver disease.

What People Are Saying

"People often say Alessandria [4 years old] doesn’t look that sick or she isn’t in the hospital, so her liver disease can’t be that bad. They don’t know how she feels on a daily basis, how many medications she has to take, or how many tests and hospital visits she must endure."

— Nicole Covery, Alessandria’s mother, Read More

"We wanted people in the community to know that liver disease can strike anyone at any age. Kyle was 25 years young when liver disease took him from us. We have family members who died from cancer and heart attacks but Kyle was the first from a liver disease. We hope our donation helps a bit."

— Sandy and Randy, Kyle’s parents, Read More

"Thanks to research we have the knowledge and tools to change the future of liver disease. Many forms of liver disease are preventable, treatable or even curable. And if we act now, we can save lives and health care dollars."

— Dr. Morris Sherman, a clinical hepatologist at the University Health N, Read More

"Five years of watching my grandpa fight liver disease, and at times not even being able to remember his family, was unbearable. I really wanted to make my grandpa proud, and I never want anyone to suffer with this disease again. That is truly why I chose to donate to the Canadian Liver Foundation."

— Adriana Pecorilli, 13 years old, Read More

"Research has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of most pediatric liver diseases, drastically improving their outcomes. We are excited to continue on with this CLF funded project that will lead to a better quality of life for children with liver disease."

— Dr. Fernando Alvarez, researcher at the University of Montreal , Read More

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