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CMHA Saskatoon - Make Contact Now

The past couple of months have been tough on everyone! The restrictions around physical distancing and self-isolation has made connecting with others a real struggle. For many people, the struggle has been overwhelming.

But there is hope and help ... because of YOU! Because of your support, CMHA Saskatoon is here to listen and encourage, and to help you figure out what connecting safely and staying healthy looks like during this time. 

And CMHA Saskatoon will be needed by many more people long after this time has passed!

You can always count on us, especially in uncertain times. But we need your help!  We count on you, now more than ever, when the need is great for so many.

So today I am asking you to support us by making your contribution to our appeal

Usually home to numerous programs and services, and an important gathering place for support groups, our office stands empty.  We miss our clients and visitors greatly and keep looking forward positively as we carefully plan and prepare for necessary changes to how we support our community. Many CMHA Saskatoon programs and services have moved online.  Our mental health counsellors are in constant contact with clients and available to you by phone when you need us. Plans are well underway for more on-line opportunities as we evolve to meet the demands we are seeing.

As we look forward to the physical distancing restrictions being relaxed at some point in the future, we will plan to thoughtfully and safely open our doors again when the time is right. 

Until then, stay in contact! Your support and faith in the work we do is so very much appreciated.   Please check our website for news and updates, and don’t forget to look us up on facebook (, Twitter, and Instagram

Stay well and stay safe!

Faith Bodnar --- CMHA Saskatoon Branch, Executive Director

PS: Since I know some of you are experiencing your own hardship right now, I don’t expect everyone will be able to give today. If you can, thank you, thank you, thank you! For those of you who can manage to give even more than your usual gift, your generosity will mean the world to so many.