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CCBC Club Fundraiser

Canadian Olympic Foundation

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CCBC Club Fundraiser

Go clubs go!  - In partnership with Cross Country Canada and the Canadian Olympic Foundation, Cross Country BC is organizing another fundraiser for our ski clubs. The goal is to grow our wonderful sport and help our hardworking clubs across BC. 

Let us know which participating club you belong to! Donations to the Canadian Olympic Foundation are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt.  You can be proud knowing that, although sport and physical activity are on the decline in Canada, cross country skiing in BC is bucking the trend and that you are helping.

Do YOU believe in the XC ski movement in BC?  Thank you for making a difference!

* Note that as per CRA rules, Cross Country Canada has ultimate discretion to determine the distribution of funding to Cross County BC.  Funds are to support sport development including programs, trails & facilities, grooming equipment, coaching stipends and wages.  Donors cannot receive special consideration in return for their donation, such as a discounted/free membership, a program/trip discount for themselves or a family member, advertisement for their business beyond a simple “thank you”, etc.