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Campaign Ends Jan. 25, 2020

Fitche Hospital serves 1.5 million people in Oromia Region, Ethiopia. In Oromia Region, where road accidents, pneumonia and gastrointestinal tract infections are extremely common. Yet the hospital’s overcrowded emergency room has only six beds crammed inside. The cramped space makes privacy an impossible luxury and the crumbling walls, broken sinks, and uneven, cavity-riddled floors make patient safety and infection an ever-present concern.

You can help us:

    • Repair and expand the current ER to improve emergency department efficiency.
    • Install new handwashing and sterilization areas.
    • Supply new treatment and recovery beds.
    • Procure required medical equipment, medicines, and other necessary supplies.


    • Approximately 1.5 million people who rely on Fitche Hospital as their regional health provider.
    • 3,600 households supported through trained Health Extension Workers, in and around Fitche catchment area of the rural communities.
    • 57 Health Centres and 297 Health Posts
    • 102 Fitche Hospital staff.
    • 1,200 households directly reached

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