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Registered Name: Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief

Business Number: 118835230RR0001

Donate a Day for Africa

Campaign Ended March 23, 2018

Malawi is home to 5,000 primary schools, the majority of which don’t have access to water during the dry season, and only 4% of which have handwashing facilities. By donating a single day of your pay you can support CPAR’s efforts to equip schools with year round water supplies and handwashing facilities. These cost-effective measures can help reduce incidence of diarrheal disease by 40%.

Schools need water to function. By gifting schools with just one day of your pay you can help teachers and students in Africa. With your gift you could:

  • Help construct a Rainwater Harvesting Tank, which collects water during the raining seasons ensuring water is available during the dry season as well.
  • Provide Hygiene Necessities for a School, like buckets and cups, which can be used for water collection, or converted into hand washing or drinking stations.
  • Provide trainings to School Water Committees on topics, including regular handwashing and proper water storage and treatment that ensures the water is safe to drink.

CPAR is asking you to Donate a Day of your pay and help students in Africa live longer, healthier lives.

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