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Sun Safety Education Stops Skin Cancer in Canada! Help us reach an extra 120 classrooms!

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

For $25 you can bring the "Go Safe" awareness to about skin cancer to grade a 5 & 6 classroom in Canada. 

The Go Safe Sun Safety Program brings awareness about skin cancer into the classrooms of Canadian students. The program helps kids and adults stay safe in the sun by teaching them how a few simple steps can keep this ugly disease away.

Our program offers in-person presentations to grade 5 and 6 classrooms. These presentations are done in partnership with volunteers from local Universities where medical students interact with the grade 5 and 6 students. 

Exposures to sunburns at a young age can double your chances of getting skin cancer.  Students are given a brochure with UV bracelets and sunblock. They gain knowledge on the ABCDE’s mole check which is a self-evaluation checklist to identify early signs of skin cancer.

2018 our program reached over 2,000 students with 77 volunteers. Our goal for 2019 is to reach 3,000 students. 

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