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Cyclone Idai | Donate to Emergency

High winds and massive flooding from Cyclone Idai have displaced more than 3 million in Mozambique and Malawi – half of which are children. In the last couple of weeks, families in Eastern and Southern Africa – including Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe – are reeling under the destruction unleashed by Cyclone Idai.

UNICEF is working with other UN agencies and partners to monitor the unfolding situation and coordinate responses. We have already shipped in stocks of emergency supplies, including thousands of packets of oral re-hydration salts, antibiotics, and hundreds of insecticide-treated bed nets.

UNICEF is moving quickly to respond to the impact of the cyclone. In Malawi, UNICEF is providing water, sanitation and hygiene supplies, such as soap, buckets, and temporary latrines to be installed in the schools, churches and health centers where displaced families are being sheltered. UNICEF is also providing children with health supplies, cholera medicines, oral rehydration solution and bed nets. We are activating relief efforts in Mozambique and Zimbabwe as aid access improves. 

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