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Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

Food is a basic necessity of life. The statistics are grim: one in four children are stunted, approximately half of all deaths among children under age five are attributable to malnutrition and, in the developing world alone, 66 million children of primary school age go to school hungry. 

Treating Malnutrition

Children with severe acute malnutrition need urgent life-saving treatment to survive.

Until relatively recently, these children were only treated in hospitals where they received therapeutic milk along with medical care; and many more were never reached at all. With the creation of ready-to-use therapeutic food -Plumpy Nut—a high-energy, micronutrient enhanced paste used to treat children under age five who are affected by severe acute malnutrition—treatment has changed dramatically.

A community-based approach to treating malnutrition means health workers are trained in early detection to recognize cases of severe acute malnutrition and provide Plumpy‘Nut and routine medical care. At the same time, health workers learn to recognize medical complications and refer those children to hospitals and health centres for further in-patient treatment.

Your gift of Plumpy’Nut will help provide treatment for these children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

  • Plumpy'Nut®, a ready-to-eat therapeutic peanut-based food, will help seven malnourished children gain up to two pounds per week promoting health boosting their chance of survival.

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