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A Gift For Mother That Helps Mother India

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

People in poorer countries generally and India in particular don't always have access to the same quality medical facilities as we have in Canada.  Their health care system may be much more fragile and not as resilient as we would expect.  There are huge contrasting statistics between India and Canada, such as the number of  just regular hospital beds available per 1000 people in India compared to those here in Canada.  There were .53 hospital beds in India per 1000 people, in Canada there were 2.52 hospital beds in 2017.  Canada has 13.5 ICU beds per 100,000 people, India has no data at all for ICU beds which makes treatments for Covid-19 all the more difficult.  The support we provide may seem like just a little to those of us in developed economies, but in the areas we work in  our support is huge!  Here's an opportunity to make a difference!

We have received an emergency request for PPE to protect doctors, nurses and patients at The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre in South India.  Let's join together to supply the urgently required safety equipment required now!  An immediate charitable tax receipt for your donation will be issued! As hospitals in Canada and all over the world try to cope with increased demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Sri Narayani Hospital is preparing for the pandemic as well. Currently all non-essential procedures have been rescheduled and many additional beds have been reserved for those affected by the coronavirus and for those displaced from other hospitals due to coronavirus. Staff are working overtime and The Sri Narayani Hospital is doing everything they can to scale up their operations to respond to the projected needs.

We support The Sri Narayani Hospital and the well-being of front line staff, patients, and hospital employees by directly purchasing personal protective equipment and other equipment urgently needed to care for those who fall ill.  Necessary supplies includes hand soap and sanitizers, N-95 face masks, gloves, gowns that tie in the back, bleach wipes and surgical shields.  We need your help now more than ever to bring the Coronavirus under control worldwide!

Take a world View perspective to bring the coronavirus under control!   When you donate to our Emergency Response Fund, you will help The Sri Narayani Hospital, the community, and frontline healthcare workers in South India to fight against COVID‑19.

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