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CancerCare Manitoba Foundation


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You Can Help Educate Medical Practitioners

Campaign Ended June 3, 2020

Your support of CancerCare Manitoba’s Community Oncology Program (COP) can make a tremendous difference for so many patients. 

The COP increases the knowledge of medical practitioners outside of Winnipeg through education about the latest developments in cancer treatment. This enhanced knowledge allows patients to receive treatments closer to their home. This is beneficial as it allows them to rely on their community support network which can positively impact treatment outcomes.

“Patients being able to receive care in their home community is in my mind, the first, second and third reason to run the program.” says Dr. Cornelius Woelk, Medical Director at Boundary Trails Regional Cancer Program. Due to donor support of the COP, Dr. Woelk and his colleagues are able to continuously enhance their knowledge and expertise to provide cancer treatments to patients in and around Morden and Winkler. Forty years ago, these treatments were only available in Winnipeg.

Dr. Woelk has seen firsthand how the COP has grown and how it’s helped create a standard of care across the province.  He first took Community Oncology training in 1988 and for the past thirty years, has continued to further his knowledge. Donors like you support scholarships and the annual Provincial Cancer Care conference which connects people from around Manitoba working in oncology through educational sessions.

“It’s wonderful to have the donors support medical professionals all across the province,” says Dr. Woelk. “Thank you donors – you make it possible for us to access this top notch conference and further our training, which ultimately delivers better patient outcomes to Manitobans.”

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