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Our Mission  (See News below)

The Carmelite Contemplative lives a life of prayer in silence, solitude and penance as an apostolate. For this reason the Carmelite solitary deeply convinced of the special function of the solitary life, which is apostolic and contemplative, desires the eremitical style of life as a way that is able to contribute significantly to achieving the contemplative aspect of the Carmelite charism.

NEWS: With the permission and blessing of our Archbishop Donald Bolen we are in the process of forming a Traditional Carmelite Monastery. We are accepting young women for discernment. Our much needed addition is now complete and we thank our donors for their generosity.

Thanks to generous donors we have purchased a small mobile home for use of a resident chaplain.  We are presently hoping to furnish this residence suitably so that a priest will be able to come within the next few weeks. Donations are needed for furniture, etc.  Since we must have the Eucharist daily, this is a big priority.  Any help you can give toward this project would be greatly appreciated.

We have a postulant entering on Feb. 2nd.

Donations toward the actual building of the main monastery would also be appreciated.  Details regarding plans and financial projections will be available at a later date here and also on the website:


The contemplative encounter with God, to which the life of the solitary or nun leads, while emphasizing the fundamental aspect of contemplation in our Carmelite life, at the same time, involves the solitary in the apostolate of prayer and life of penance and self-sacrifice for the church, priests and all the people of God.

The solitude of the Carmelite leads to a communion in the heart of the Church and of world where she shares in the joys, the hopes, the sorrows and sufferings of her contemporaries.

The contemplative assists the Church in its evangelizing mission by giving witness that God is the only Absolute, and the solitary "enlarges the Church by her hidden apostolic fruitfulness." Thus she carries out the Teresian charism which includes a special call to contemplation and to apostolic prayer.

The Discalced Nuns of the Order of the Most Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel were founded in Avila, Spain, by St. Teresa of Jesus in 1562.  In this reform of the ancient Order of Carmel who was joined a few years later by St. John of the Cross, founding many convents of nuns and Monasteries of friars.  In the early seventeenth century this heritage was carried to the new world, New Spain or Mexico to be exact, and from there three hundred years later; under a cloud of persecution, to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Buffalo, New York.  Carmels are also established in France, and many other countries including Canada.

Our Monastery follows St. Teresa's charism with the 1990 Constitutions of the Carmelite nuns.


The 100ft Chapel and small residence is in the initial stages of forming a Monastery suitable for the founding of a community of nuns in the Carmelite Tradition. The Chapel has been completely renovated, exterior and interior. We thank those who have made this enormous task possible.  

Because of the nature of the contemplative life, the Monastery is located on 60 acres of land, 35 kil. from the city of Moose Jaw, Sask.


All donors and their families will be remembered in our daily prayers.

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