Carya Society of Calgary

Registered Name: Carya Society of Calgary

Business Number: 118823475RR0001

Carya COVID-19 Response Fund

Carya is one of Calgary’s go-to first responding agencies. We helped Calgarians through the flood (2013) and provided off-site support to those displaced by the wildfires (2017). Now, carya is here to help Calgarians in the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19.

We are working with youth, individuals, families and seniors to keep them safe, connecting people to supports and resources and providing counselling to those experiencing fear, anxiety, depression and mental health challenges.

To assist Calgarians facing emotional and logistical challenges of loss of income, transportation limitations and family stress and to work alongside our allied agencies support is needed for:

• Assembling and delivering of basic needs – food and medications for those in need.

• Technology (tablets, computers and laptops) for individuals and families to stay connected, continue with online learning, to access counselling services and engage with support groups.

• Meeting the increase in demand for our brief and single session counselling services.

• Enhanced technology platforms for our agency to share our resources virtually (online interactive programs, webinars).