Casa - Pueblito

Registered Name: Casa Canadiense - Pueblito Canada

Business Number: 119106193RR0001

Construct a Latrine for a Community in Jiñocuao!

Jiñocuao is a community near the town of Somotillo, located 10 minutes away from the Nicaraguan-Honduran border.

Located in Nicaragua’s dry corridor, Jiñocuao suffers from lack of access to potable water for consumption and irrigation, particularly during the dry months of summer. The community of Jiñocuao is an incredible example of the things that a community can achieve when it dreams together and works together.

Since 2017, 100 latrines have been built in Jiñocuao with Casa – Pueblito support, reaching vulnerable families with the most need. The community’s leadership makes sure that community members who have never been reached by previous development projects are included.

We hope to continue this work in 2019 with the construction of a final 15 latrines for families in need!  The community now also looks at their access to water, and we plan to deepen 15 wells so that water is available, even during the dry months!