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Feral Trap-Neuter-Return Program

Campaign Ended Oct. 31, 2019

National Feral Cat Day is on October 16th

Cats Anonymous would like to dedicated the whole month of October to our feral friends and help raise awareness for one of our favourite projects here at the shelter … our TNR (trap-neuter-return) program.

This program was set up over 10 years ago by a dedicate supporter, and over the years it has blossomed. On average we spay/neuter/vaccinate 100 feral adult cats per year, helping them to live healthier, longer lives. We take in all the younger, more tameable kittens for adoption - approximately 75-100 per year – and find them loving homes. But our dedication to these cats doesn’t end there! We continue to support the adult feral cats by making sure they have a human caretaker in place to give them fresh food and water daily and maintain winter shelter for them. We supply food where needed and volunteers do routine deworming throughout the year to keep the cats parasite free. We also offer ongoing medical care to any of the cats in need.

In 2019, our feral cat fund was strained by a few special needs surgeries … Jasmine, a young mother, injured her hind leg and required orthopedic surgery to rebuild her knee. Mark, an old warrior tom cat, had to have a diseased eye removed before it ruptured. And Picasso, a young stray with a cleft palate had his mouth repaired so he could eat properly, without fear of choking.

These heartwarming stories are just a few of the successes we have seen over the years, and with your help there will be more happy endings.

Please help us replenish our feral cat fund by making a donation so we can continue to do this important work. Jasmine, Mark and Picasso, and all their feral friends thank you!

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