Ayash Refugee Sponsorship Group


Business Number: 118841956RR0001

Amar Ayash and his family need your help. Amar, with his wife Gofran and their two daughters, Lujain and Alen (aged 5 and 6), are refugees from the war in Syria. They made their way to Dubai (UAE), where there are no refugee facilities. Without legal status, Amar cannot legally work, and his family are in constant danger of being sent back to Syria. Amar does his best to obtain what work he can, but because of his lack of status, businesses exploit him for his labour and underpay him. He cannot earn enough to keep Gofran and his children healthy. Lujain and Alen cannot attend school because of the cost; food, shelter, and clothing are their priorities, and take all the money they have and more.

Amar's cousin Anas and his family are newcomers to Canada. Along with a dedicated core group who are part of this sponsorship project, they are ready to welcome Amar and his family to Nanaimo to start their new life. The core group are members from St. Andrew's United Church and Cedar United Church, in Nanaimo, B.C., and operates under the auspices of the Anglican Church of Canada's Refugee Sponsorship Program.

We need to raise the seed money of $20 000 (CDN) to start the application process; we then need to raise another $15 000 to ensure the family has their needs met for their first year in Canada.

Any donation is so very needed, and so very welcome. One-time donations are wonderful, but so are small monthly commitments. It all adds up. 

Please help us bring them home!

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