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COVID19-Emergency fund for asylum-seeking and migrant children with precarious status

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

In Quebec, 80% of asylum seekers live in Montreal. The Montreal region also hosts many families immigrant families without status, and without medical coverage.

These families of recent immigrants, already affected by the precariousness of their migratory status, and by all the usual components of economic and social deprivation (unhealthy housing, food insecurity, social isolation, etc.) are particularly affected by the current COVID-19 crisis, and children are feeling the effects. Access to various government assistance programs is further complicated by the lack of language skills and the difficulty of accessing computers.

The Saint-Laurent Social Pediatrics Center, which supports these children as a priority, has intensified its follow-up since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis to meet the basic needs of families and provide psychological support and facilitation towards assistance programs.From the start of the crisis, we have:  

· Doubled the frequency of our food distribution, and multiplied by 4 the number of families receiving food support, as well as diapers and formula: 200 families, or more than 800 people have been supported

· Provided a close follow-up of families to respond to emergency situations and support families so that they can benefit from government assistance programs

· Worked in close consultation with local organizations and institutions to ensure a concerted response to the needs of children and families.

This intensification of our services is taking place in a context where we anticipate a significant decrease in our annual revenues, due to the cancellation of our spring fundraising events and the postponement of significant subsidies. We therefore appeal to your generosity so that we can continue to provide asylum-seeking and migrant children with precarious status and their families with the safety net necessary to cope with the current difficulties.

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