Campaign Ended June 1, 2019

The overall vision of Qhubeka is poverty alleviation and improved school attendance and pass rates. Our contribution will be to provide bicycles in order to improve access to schools, clinics and jobs where it is severely restricted to walking for more than 30 minutes each way.

The need is to provide children with improved access to education. Bicycles are an effective way to address the needs of school children in South Africa. 12 million of the country’s 16 million school-going children walk to and from school and 500 000 of these walk more than two hours to school and two hours back. With a Qhubeka Bicycle, a child’s commute time is reduced by up to 75%.

Qhubeka moves people forward with bicycles. People earn bicycles through our programmes, improving access to schools, clinics and jobs.

 Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”. Bicycles help people move forward. With a bicycle, a person can travel faster and further, and carry more.

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