Chess Institute of Canada

Registered Name: Chess Institute of Canada

Business Number: 818840274RR0001

Who We Are

Chess Institute of Canada is a world leader in curriculum-based scholastic chess programming, where the ancient game of chess is used as a vehicle for delivering profound life lessons for the challenges of today.

Your caring donation to Chess Institute of Canada will make our world a better place

We live in a challenging time with many individuals and leaders making decisions without considering their long-term effects. How much better would our world be if kids were taught – in a fun way – how to make better decisions and to live their lives in harmony with each other and our world?

Chess Institute of Canada shapes young minds, partnering the teaching of chess with caring and strategic mentoring that helps kids develop critical thinking and social skills that they can apply to their daily lives.

What People Are Saying

"The chess program is about much more than teaching students how to play chess, but also a metaphor for using the strategies taught to conduct a successful and productive life. The staff has been able to see a clear improvement in both the student’s skill level and personal confidence. "

— Bronwyn Gilchrist, Child and Youth Counsellor at the Diamond Centre

"If you’re looking for a dynamic activity that will enhance the curriculum, develop character, challenge high-level thinking skills and extend student understanding across the curriculum to real life situations, I highly recommend that you consider CIC to be part of your well-balanced curriculum."

— Ken Kroeker, Acting Principal, Pauline Jr. Public School, Toronto

"CIC has been an incredible addition to our school. The students have truly enjoyed it and their enthusiasm was evident every time they talked to me about playing the game. I am pleased to say that CIC never hesitated to accommodate the needs of our families, and the children definitely benefited. "

— Ryan Naidoo, Principal, Bruce Public School, Toronto

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