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Buy A Seed: Purchasing Land for a Self Sustainable Eco-Community for Chikondi One Heart Angels Oprhanage in Malawi

Campaign Ends Aug. 31, 2020

Buy A Seed! Plant A Dream! Grow A Future!  

Please help us help the people of Malawi. We call upon your support to purchase land on which to build a self-sustainable eco-community for the children and people of Malawi.

Chikondi One Heart Angels Orphanage's Charitable Mission is to be an example of Love and Faith in Action and an exciting Journey of Transformation. We are passionate about children and their welfare. We are creating a brighter future for them and experiencing the joy of changing their lives for the better. 

The pillars of Chikondi One Heart Angels Orphanage are: providing medical care, education, a loving home and nutritious food; and offering hope, support and work opportunities, to the children and people of Malawi.

Zalewa is one of the regions most affected by climate change and weather extremes. Families cannot grow crops because of drought while others have lost their homes to floods. 

At Zalewa, many children have dropped out of school because of lack of food, high school fees, and lacking school furniture. Many children have lost their parents to HIV infection. Many youth under the age of 20 have had to take on the role of parent or guardian of smaller children. 

Chikondi is in the process of purchasing land in Zalewa to create a self-sustainable community where we will build homes for orphaned children and their grandmothers, grow our own crops and raise livestock. 

Phase 1: purchase 10 hectares for $10,000

Phase 2: purchase another 10 hectares for $10,000

These two plots of land will give us the opportunity, with your support, to create a homestead of peace, love and security for the children. By contributing to our Buy A Seed campaign, you will be helping us plant many dreams and grow a future for the orphaned children of Malawi and their families. Help us change despair into hope, hunger into nutrition, ignorance into education, and tears into smiles.

Your contribution toward our project will save the lives of many children as well as those of entire communities. 

From the bottom of our hearts, for the love of the children, THANK YOU!

Campaign ends Aug. 31, 2020.

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