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Food is Fuel

Everyone has the right to eat. The success of our education-based sponsorship model requires children’s minds and bodies to be energized and engaged with what they are learning. FOOD IS FUEL. It powers learning, exploring, playing, and helping.

Sponsorship provides meals for a sponsored child but we are doing more. Our feeding programs feed more than our sponsored children as we believe in making a community impact.

For $20, you can feed 2 children for an entire month. That’s a month of getting the most out of class time; a month of going to bed satisfied; a month of playing a little longer with friends.



We have a number of feeding programs but are currently focusing on three programs:

Mathare (Nairobi), Kenya

The slum surrounding Nairobi is a challenging place for children. Through our club programs and schools, we are able to provide meals for children with limited access to nutritious meals.

The Island Feeding Program, The Philippines

The remote islands of the Philippines are home to small communities. The island Feeding Program brings food supplies to communities that may otherwise not have access to these resources.

Northwest Haiti

We have a cluster of programs located in the remote area of Northwest Haiti. A lack of infrastructure made the region difficult to access following the earthquake. Our feeding programs operate in schools and are able to feed entire schools.