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peaceXpiece Campaign

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2019

We are excited to launch our #peaceXpiece Campaign today.


As you know we are facing monumental environmental, spiritual and social crisis that impact the lives of children and youth and put their futures at risk. We need your support to make sure young people develop the skills and relationships they need to be part of creating Climate Justice and to feel hope for their futures.

Our team of artists are motivated by the Climate Justice movement led by Indigenous people and youth around the globe which seeks to mitigate the environmental crisis by addressing the underlying ideological, ethical and political issues, and calling attention to racial justice, Indigenous sovereignty, workers rights, migrants rights, and the historical responsibilities for climate change. 

On September 27, 2019, over 7 million young people around the globe took to the streets demanding Climate Justice. They know we need to work creatively and collectively to change the underlying forces and systemic oppression that has created the Climate crisis.


$25 covers the cost of three nutritious meals for a youth in the Soil, Spirit, Society Artist Residency.  

$50 covers the cost of a healthy snack for 35 children during one day of Peace Camp. 

$100  covers the cost of art supplies for one youth during the Residency.

$500 covers the cost of travel tokens for 6 youth in the Residency for 6 months.

$1000 covers the full cost for one child to attend Peace Camp for three weeks.

You can also become a monthly donor!

WHERE YOUR DONATION GOES: Since 2000 Children's Peace Theatre has heard from thousands of children and youth about the issues impacting their lives. They know we cannot have peace without justice. In response, Children’s Peace Theatre has been developing projects like Peace Camp and Soil, Spirit, Society to build Individual and collective skills for young people to help them address the ever-widening economic disparity, increasing violence, racism, and deepening ecological threats to their well being. 

Peace Camp provides opportunities for children ages 8-12 and youth guides 14-18 to work with artists to explore the issues that impact their lives through creative artistic expression and performance, and to learn critical tools like Conflict Transformation. 

Soil, Spirit, Society engages youth through land based artistic mentorship - to inspire them to express themselves, connect with Elders and artists, discover the truth and beauty of their cultural birthrights, grow their own food, learn Conflict Transformation, and understand systems of governance.  All of this is done so that young people grow their capacities to create comprehensive systems of change and be prepared for a precarious future.Children’s Peace Theatre believes that together our actions will make young people feel like they have hope for a future where Justice is a reality. 

#peaceXpiece is each of using our power to make a difference.  

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$500 raised out of $10,000 goal

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