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2018|19 Annual Fund

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

This year, Choirs Ontario offered support, operating and professional development resources to over 240 choral groups and advocated and promoted choral singing on behalf of 11,000 choirs in the province. Individual donations last year helped deliver regional programming, improve resources available to choirs and offer training opportunities for young singers. 

Choirs Ontario is an important contributor to the health and vitality of choral community in our province. As an arts service organization, we work towards increased public involvement in the choral arts, more sustainable and diverse arts organizations and better supported artists.

We serve others so they may excel. But we cannot do it alone.

In 2018-19 your gift may support such priorities as continued revitalization of choral library, a resource used by hundreds of choirs, especially groups outside of major metropolitan areas that don’t have access to rental libraries.

Programming expansion and development of online resources for choirs will be another priority in the coming year, in addition to maintaining key programs such as Ontario Youth Choir, SingOntario and the Ruth Watson Henderson Composition Competition. We think your gift this year can help make an even bigger difference and provide a continued investment in Ontario choral community.

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