Christian Blind Mission International


Business Number: 106918329RR0001

Our Mission

To rescue and restore people trapped in poverty by disability. These are the most forgotten people in the world.

These are children who can’t access education programs because they can’t see, can’t walk or can’t hear. These are moms and dads who can’t even begin to apply for mainstream development programs, because disability without support and training makes them a “poor investment”. These are the poorest 1.2 billion people in the world. And we are helping them because God’s outrageous love calls us to help even the most forgotten and marginalized people in the world.

Our goal is to find, care for and work alongside these people, giving them hope and opportunity, taking whole families and communities out of grinding poverty and building a bridge between them and mainstream society.

About Christian Blind Mission International

Christian Blind Mission International is the world's leading organization rescuing and restoring people trapped in poverty by disability, regardless of race, gender, age or religion.

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