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COVID-19 Response Fund

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

Our Food Bank is working hard to continue supporting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are focused on ensuring the vital food supports our clients need flow uninterrupted during this difficult time.

Much of the financial support we typically receive at this time of year is through our annual food collection drive, an event we have had to cancel. We are seeing a steady rise in the number of clients using our services, a trend we do not anticipate declining in the weeks and months to come. We need to purchase much more food to meet this increased community demand and we will need your help!

As we look to continue our services, funds are the resource we need most. Monetary donations allow us to take advantage of bulk discounts and purchase the items most needed by our clients. With your help, we can keep our shelves stocked for kids, adults, and seniors who need food during this time.

We are 100% run by volunteers and all donations from this campaign will be used directly in the purchase of food items. We appreciate any support you are able to provide!

$400 raised out of $25,000 goal

1.6% Complete
4 weeks to go