Citizen Advocacy Ottawa

Registered Name: Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa-Carleton

Business Number: 130362817RR0001

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance personal choice and community participation for persons living with disabilties through advocacy support.

About Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa

At Citizen Advocacy we’re not curing disease or finding answers to world peace. Our goals aren’t that lofty. In fact, we work in small and quiet ways that we believe have a hugely positive impact on those who count on us. We believe in a community that welcomes and values the participation and contribution of all its citizens, including those who live with a disability. Since 1974, Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa has supported over 2500 people with disabilities and touched the lives of many more. Because we work at an individual level, directly with the people we support, the impact is felt on a personal, as well as a community, level. Volunteer advocates help increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of a person with a disability to develop a better sense of overall health. This translates into less dependency and a reduction in the use of costly health and social services.


What People Are Saying

"I can talk to my advocate about the problems that I have. It increases my feeling of well-being and confidence. I feel stronger when facing adversity when I can share it. I truly think Citizen Advocacy provides a valuable service to the community and to me personally."

— Marc, Friend

"When I began this journey, I hoped to make someone’s life a little better, yet never imagined that my protégé could make mine so much brighter. I don’t think that I could describe Camille in words. She is more than beautiful and beyond kind. She is a breath of fresh air."

— Karla, Advocate

"My advocate encouraged me to be out and on my own. He helps me to be INDEPENDENT. He encourages me to do things that I have never done before. He encouraged me to take a chance and join a committee where I have now taken on a very responsible position."

— Daniel, Friend

"What started out twenty-seven years ago as a match has developed into a strong friendship. We have experienced our share of life’s changes. Along with our friendship, the other constant that remains is the support we get from the incredible people involved with Citizen Advocacy."

— Laurie, Advocate

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