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About This Charity

Our Mission

Clean Air Champions' mission is to work with respected athletes to improve air quality by educating and inspiring Canadians to adopt practices and lifestyles that enhance both environmental and personal health.

About Our Charity

Clean Air Champions is a national, registered charity, based in Ottawa. It engages over 180 National Team, Olympic and Paralympic athletes (our Champions), each passionate about physical activity and the health of our environment. Our Champions are powerful role models and inspire their audiences with educational and personal messages.

Our school programs include HSBC Clean Air Achievers (grades5-9), High School Climate Challenge (grades 9 - 12) and Air Aware (grades 9 to adults).

In addition we work with a range of partners in the public and private sectors by providing trained Champions to co-deliver their programs and messages. As examples, we have participated in the Toronto Smog and Shared Air Summits, Hearth Health campaigns, Walk to School Days, National Clean Air Days and corporate ride reduction programs. We also delvier radio& T.V. public service announcements that feature our Champions. See these and our What is Clean Air Champions' video on our YouTube channel