Community Clothing Assistance

Registered Name: Community Clothing Assistance

Business Number: 854041761RR0001

The Undercover Project

The “Children’s UNDERCOVER Project” provides a seven-day supply of NEW (7) pairs of socks and (7) pairs of underwear to elementary school-aged (4 – 14 years old) children whose families are in need as identified by the Ontario Works benefit services.  These gifts are distributed through the Christmas Cheer Foundation event which takes place just before Christmas. CCA distributes over 2000 coupons to families who receive the hampers.  The coupons are redeemable on the same day or later, until June 30, 2018 where CCA starts to prepare this program for another round. This program is handled by Community Clothing Assistance together with other organizations in town and the community in Thunder Bay , making sure that all kids in need will be served during this time.


The “Children’s UNDERCOVER Project” is ongoing and growing every year with more than 100 children in need receiving these gifts. Thunder Bay is growing with individuals coming from the North and from other countries, and these new citizens need time to stabilize their living conditions. Furthermore, many families are struggling financially as there is a high rate of people living at the poverty level. With the increase of indigenous families moving to Thunder Bay, some with little or no support, and many relying on affordable and FREE clothing provided by CCA, our agency believes this project to be very important.  As this project grows due to the number of children accessing it, CCA does not receive enough donated socks and underwear to meet the increasing demand. 

Thunder Bay has encountered many young people struggling to find a job where their past difficulties in childhood can somewhat be the base of their self-esteem, and their mental confusion when it comes to life and job ethics.

CCA lays a very dedicated effort to help children whose families struggle with poverty. We also strongly believe that children should not have to pay the price for crisis’ that may have occurred in their lives.

CCA estimates that this year 2017-2018, around 1050 children will be actually served with undergarments. With this number, 1050 x 14 pieces of undergarments, totals to 12,978 pairs of NEW socks and underwear.