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Arbor Day 2016

Trees provide numerous environmental benefits and also increase our sense of safety, community, and neighborhood pride. Trees Winnipeg celebrates the role of trees in our communities at Arbor Day - a free family event that draws visitors from all over Winnipeg.

We also celebrate the hard-working arborists who are dedicated to preserving our urban forest. Arbor Day provides an opportunity for guests to meet local ISA-Certified arborists and learn about Winnipeg’s growing arboriculture industry, career training, job opportunities, and get free tree care advice. Visitors young and old can be an “arborist for a day” and can safely try tree climbing with equipment and guidance from the professionals! In addition to tree climbing, you can try a ride in the bucket trucks, create your own souvenir in the craft tent, and watch the masters create a work of art right before your eyes (with a chainsaw)!

Every year, we rotate Arbor Day to celebrate trees in a different Winnipeg neighborhood. This year, we’re excited to host Arbor Day in beautiful St. John’s Park. Come join us in celebrating Arbor Day!

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