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COVID-19 Response Campaign for Vital Signs Monitors

Together we can make a difference in the battle against the spread of COVID-19.

Each and every day, the professional staff at the Cobequid Community Health Centre provides quality healthcare for the communities of Lower Sackville, Bedford, Fall River, Wellington, Waverley, Mount Uniacke and surrounding communities.  During the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.  There are dedicated and compassionate doctors, nurses and other professional staff from our community working hard to care for our patients. 

Your donations to this campaign will support the area of greatest need at our Health Centre. As part of the Cobequid Centre's pandemic plan, the Emergency Department is expanding their treatment capacity by 50% to make sure we can meet the expected increase in our services.  This means additional monitoring for patients is urgently required. In order to make this happen, the Cobequid Community Health Centre has an immediate need for 5 vital signs monitors.   The total cost of these monitors $22,575.

Vital Signs monitors are an efficient method for collecting accurate readings when evaluating patient health.  Our medical staff relies on the data from vital monitors to support decisions about diagnosis and to help plan a course of treatment for their patients. Patients with COVID-19 typically have respiratory symptoms. It is important that we have the ability to monitor their vital signs while they are receiving care. 

Rest assured, that we care about your donations and will make sure funds donated to this campaign are used efficiently and effectively.  After COVID-19 these vital signs monitors will remain in at the Cobequid Health Centre and will continue to be a great tool to support patient care into the future.

We are in this together and together we need to support the work of our healthcare workers.  Please make a difference in the lives of your neighbors and our community by making a gift today - every gift - no matter the size will help us in the battle against COVID-19.

Thank you for your consideration.

I truly appreciate your support.

Stacey Chapman, Executive Director


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