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Columbia Valley Community Foundation


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John Mason Memorial Fund

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

John Mason was about lifting people up - always out to support the underdog.

This John Mason Memorial Fund will do the same - providing a lift for those skiers who show promise, and may not have the support to get on the podium. Whether that is an Olympic podium or achievement of their own defined success.

The intent of those who established the fund (including Shawn Mason, John's son and Freestyle Panorama Ski Club member) is to provide multiple years of funding to support Freestyle Panorama Ski Club skiers.

The John Mason Memorial Fund is in trust with the Columbia Valley Community Foundation who will collect donations, and manage the fund.

Who will it support?

The fund will support Freestyle Panorama's skiers who may not have the resources to get on the podium. (Competitive and non-competitive athletes)

Type of support?

* Honorariums towards post-secondary education,

* Club travel costs and,

* Club equipment and/or coaching.

The fund will provide a helping hand to make dreams come true - just as John Mason would have wanted.

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