Communication Disabilities Access Canada

Registered Name: Communication Disabilities Access Canada

Business Number: 871601712RR0001

Our Mission

Communication Disabilities Access Canada is a federal, not-for-profit organization that promotes social awareness, justice, equality, participation and self-determination for people who have complex communication disabilities and who use augmentative and alternative communication systems to communicate.

There are over 360,000 people in Canada who have communication disabilities and have limited or no speech. Many of them use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to communicate their messages. AAC includes gestures, body language, vocalizations, pictures, symbols, letter displays and speech generating devices.

People who use AAC may have cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, autism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, acquired brain injury, stroke and other disabilities.

About Communication Disabilities Access Canada

We facilitate access to information for people who have limited or no speech, their families and community members to increase the participation of people who have communication disabilities in all aspects of their lives.

We educate individuals, groups and corporations in the areas of heath care, social services, education and employment to strengthen their efforts in creating inclusive communities where people who use AAC can meaningfully communicate.

We encourage, participate in and conduct research to enhance the quality of life for people who use AAC.

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