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Annual Donation Campaign

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

Whether the need is for a hot, nutritious meal, Personal Support Worker assistance, or coping strategies, Community Care Durham provides a variety of services to meet the growing needs of Durham Region. 

After my assessment in the hospital in 2011, I began getting hot meals. Now I get them twice a week. I don’t have family around all of the time so this is a great program for me. I also had transportation from volunteer drivers to medical appointments. These volunteers are wonderful people, and I can’t thank them enough. I used to volunteer in the hospital and with the poppy campaign. As a proud veteran, I am glad that there are programs like this to help me and I want to express my gratitude.” – Eric

“Our goal was to keep mom in her apartment and out of a facility. Without Community Care Durham’s Assisted Living Services and Supportive Housing programs, we would not be able to reach that goal. She is 102, and the services have been so helpful to us. As Mom’s caregiver, I have to say that the staff have always been very supportive and helped me through this process.” – Janet

In 2016, Michael suffered from depression after the loss of his son. “Painting takes my mind off of my problems, it is a form of therapy. I concentrate on the painting as a form of mindfulness for me. Once I tried it, I loved it. Now, I benefit from it greatly. I was attending a local organization for recovery. I was told to try programs within the community and was  referred to Community Care Durham’s COPE program.  In the COPE groups, you have more in common than you realize. It is like a self-help group. You can compare your life with other people and learn from each other.  With this illness there are ups and downs. The beauty of the group is that everyone is having different days, so we are able to bring each other up when people are down.   I donated my prints to COPE and it made me feel accomplished. I paint for me. There’s a value when other people see something in what you make with your own hands, and it is very rewarding to me.” - Michael

These are just a few of our clients’ stories.  Last year we provided service to over 12,000 clients, enabling them to live safely and happily in their own homes, where they want to be.  We would not be able to provide this level of service without the vital support of our community.  Your gift helps us to reach out to our clients and make a real difference in their lives.


Please consider making a donation to Community Care Durham. You can give a one-time contribution or a monthly pledge. Our donors have played a key role in allowing us to offer supportive and compassionate care for over 40 years.


Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue to  offer much needed services and support in your community.

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