Community Foundation of Nova Scotia


Business Number: 870389368RR0001

100 Men Who Give a Damn! Halifax Fund

At each quarterly meeting, three local charities - with just five persuasive minutes of mic time - go head-to-head for a chance to walk away with $10,000+.

After hearing the three pitches the members of 100menHFX choose the recipient by secret ballot and write their $100 cheques to the recipient charity. It’s quick, efficient and amazing to witness.

This 100 Men Who Give a Damn! Halifax Fund is a means to donate funds to the recipient charity prior to a quarterly meeting, because we do not know the recipient before the vote (and because we are a non-organization without a bank account). The fund is a way for members (and non-members) to have their donation counted in the total presented to the recipient on the night if they are unable to attend the meeting.  

One hundred per cent of funds received prior to a meeting are donated to the chosen recipient of that meeting. The date of the next quarterly meeting, joining details and charity nomination criteria can be found at

Which quarter does this donation apply to? Please let us know in the message box below!