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Community Living London COVID-19 Fund

Campaign Ends June 1, 2020

In the midst of this pandemic and time of social distancing Direct Support Professionals continue to work around the clock to support people with disabilities.  In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have closed our non-essential services, however we currently have around 500 staff members supporting people with disabilities in over 100 homes across London. People with disabilities face everyday barriers preventing them from being active members in the community and the isolation required by COVID-19 further reinforces this problem. Our Direct Support Professionals are working together to help the people they support maintain their social connections at a distance. One of the ways people are keeping connected is through virtual communication, however, many of the people we support do not have the technology to communicate digitally with loved ones or friends. We are seeking donations to purchase tablet computers so the people we support can connect with their family and friends using video communication apps. Purchasing tablets would also allow for our volunteers to continue to give back and connect with people supported during this time of physical distancing. 

The people we support have been missing their day programs and extra circular activities during the COVID-19 crisis. In response, our Direct Support Professionals have been creating fresh activities to keep the people they support engaged and happy during this unprecedented time. Funds received will help our agency to purchase supplies such as crafts and games that people with disabilities could use to occupy their time during isolation.

Donations received will also go to help our agency cover the cost of purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Despite the physical distancing rules, our staff must come in contact with the people they support, because many people with disabilities need help with hygiene practices and assistance with mobility. Our Direct Support Professionals need to have the proper PPE to keep themselves and the people they support safe. Donations will help our organization cover the cost of the increased PPE we have purchased during this pandemic. 

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