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MissionTo promote accountability for youths and adults through prevention, intervention, and restorative justice principles, ultimately reducing recidivism and enhancing public safety. 


Questions for Donors:

  1. Do you believe in restorative justice?
  2. Was there an adult in your life that made a difference when you needed them, and you’d like to PAY IT FORWARD?
  3. Do you believe people can change given the desire, support, and skills?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, we could use your support. Please DONATE to COSP


Vision: we aspire to engage community organizations and clients to build a foundation of dynamic partnerships that result in responsive, sustainable, and accessible programs for at-risk populations.


A Message from the Board of Directors and the Executive Director: Thank you for stopping to take a look at our profile and website . COSP is fundraising on two fronts:

1) To provide accessible services,

2) To expand services to a broader population


By engaging with youth and adults, we strive to empower them to accept responsibility, build on their resilience, and promote reparation to persons’ harmed, their family, and community.

COSP clients are predominantly youth. They come to us as a result of social challenges and poor decision-making while at school. Youth are also referred by Police Services or from a Crown Attorney. These referrals afforded the youth an opportunity to avoid a youth criminal record; however, a young person is held accountable and must be willing to accept responsibility for the harm they’ve caused. Making amends through restorative justice conference with the victim, and/or participating in brief educational session on victim empathy, setting boundaries, anti-theft and cyber-bullying programs, community work and restitution, encompasses the diversion process.

Should a youth be placed on a Probation Order, COSP provides intensive CBT evidence-based programs addressing a variety of criminogenic factors. These factors may include anti-criminal thinking, anger awareness, peer influences, life skills, literacy, effective communication, employment support, and programs designed to address addictions and healthy relationships. COSP is motivated to reduce victimization, improve social functioning, and connect youth to their community. Our approach is strength-based and our successes are attributed to building positive relationships in a safe environment.

By donating, you will become part of a movement to reduce victimization within our community. THANK YOU for considering COSP as a recipient of your generosity.

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