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2019 Fundraising Goal!

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2019

Our 2019 FUNDRAISING GOAL is $6000 in support of the following:

PROGRAMS AND SERVICES: CommunityWise provides a variety of programs and services to 90 tenant and associate member groups including their constituents, supporting their ability to deliver their missions effectively and build organizational capacity and resilience.

Programs and Services Goals:

-To have the right staff in the right places

-To provide appropriate supports to members

-To foster a strong membership community

-To create a more equitable grassroots and non-profit sector in Calgary

FACILITIES: CommunityWise is the steward of The Historic Old YWCA. Constructed in 1911 our building is over 100 years old. As a result, we have unique repairs and maintenance requirements.While CommunityWise strives to ensure that organizations here have access to the most affordable, accessible, and functional work environment, this is an increasing challenge.

CommunityWise is in need of support to properly fulfill our historic conservation plan which includes upgrades to building systems, refurbishment of historic features, and renovations to office and program meeting space.

Facilities Goals:

:-To protect a public asset – historic building – according to stewardship values-Renovate and update building so that it is accessible, vibrant, and welcoming

-To provide building operations rooted in the practice of stewardship

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