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Secondary School in Mexico finishes at aged 15 and students who want to progress attend Preparatoria, basically the equivalent of Grades 11 and 12. Fees and costs for part time students are about $100 per month and many students attend part time and keep a job to bring income into the family.

In impoverished families their daughters and sons don't continue school beyond age 15 because their families cannot pay the expenses for school fees, books, computers and transportation. They prefer that their daughter get a job and bring money into the household. CIDC's SCHOLARSHIP Program matches sponsors with students, especially girls and young women, to continue their education past age 15. Currently, there are three young women hoping to start Preparatoria. All it takes is $90 per month to help them get an education and break out of the poverty in which they live. Please consider sponsoring one of them through CIDC's Scholarship Program.


CIDC built a home for Yerania's family in 2013. Since then she has attended Secondaria and been a very successful student maintaining over 80% average. She also studied English through CIDC's tutoring program and that helped her pass her exams to enter Prepatoria in September 2016. A CIDC scholarship pays for her tuition, books and materials so that this young woman can reach her potential.

Cindy is also a member of a family CIDC built a home for in 2014. Her family struggles financially but her parents want Cindy to receive the education neither of them was able to access. They see her as being able to build a different life if she stays in school. In March 2017, Cindy enrolled in Prepatoria and is working hard to keep the required 80% average. She needs about $100 per month for tuition, transportation, books and materials. Please consider sponsoring Cindy with a monthly gift to the CIDC scholarship fund.

Yari left high school at sixteen to get married. After several low-wage menial jobs Yari decided to complete her high school and go on to Prepatoria. CIDC helps Yari cover some of her expenses.


THIS PAST WINTER I spent time with Lily. She is transformed and shows her beautiful smile often. She told me school is hard work but she loves it and is happy. She also attended English classes this past winter and is trying hard in the 'advanced' group at La Cosecha. Every Saturday, Lily leads a worship service with music and sacred dance under the Parotta tree in Lomas San Nicholas attended by more than fifty adults and children. She is very dedicated to her church community and is growing strong in her faith.

I met Lily two years ago when she showed up in my adult English class in the middle of a school day. She was smart and a very quick learner so I asked her why she wasn’t at school. Her face fell into sadness and the tears welled in her eyes. Later, at a meeting with her and her pastor I found out that Lily’s home life is in a dreadful situation. Her father is often unemployed and her mother is mentally ill. She had missed so much school because she was looking after her mother that she didn’t pass the exams required to get her a scholarship for the Preparatoria. There was no money to pay the fees so Lily was working as a dish washer and cleaner at a small local street restaurant and buying a little food for her family on the way home each day.

 I asked Lily what her dream was if she was able to go to school. She looked at me with such despair and said she had no dreams. It was useless to dream  because it would be impossible to continue her schooling. Here was a smart, hard-working young woman who would spend her life in the same poverty as her family, working at a menial job and bringing home her small pay cheque to feed the family. I resolved to make sure her dream could come true.

Two years ago Lily enrolled in Preparatoria. She attends part time every day and works part time to help support her family. She is maintaining an 80% average. CIDC bought her a computer so she can do her assignments and her monthly fees and expenses are about $100 per month. Lily has the most beautiful smile and uses it often these days..

 Please sponsor Lily or another young woman just like her to stay in school and help lift herself out of the cycle of poverty where she is expected to stay.


Jorge comes from a very impoverished area of Puerto Vallarta. He left school in order to work and save money for university fees to pursue his studies in Architecture. Trouble was, he couldn't save enough on minimum wage jobs to help out his family and pay school fees and his own living expenses. From 2015, Jorge received a CIDC scholarship for his school fees, a new computer and some of his living expenses. He had a very successful year with excellent grades. Now he has started his final year. His financial support continues giving him the opportunity to work on environmental architecture that will make our world a better place.