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Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre


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2017 Year-End Campaign

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2017

It was a blustery autumn day when Millie* glanced out the window and commented, “It looks as gray out there as it feels in here, doesn’t it?” No one answered. Turning from the window, the 70-year-old widow sank into a frayed armchair and braced herself for the long, quiet day ahead.

For many older adults living in Calgary, feeling isolated and alone is all too common. Social isolation itself is recognized as a serious health risk – and can be as deadly as chronic smoking or obesity. In Calgary, 1 in 5 seniors living alone also struggle with limited incomes. For people like Millie, paying for groceries is difficult. Paying for social activities is impossible.

You have the power to change lives like Millie’s. At Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre, many older adults have found ways to remain active and involved with their peers. Perhaps you’ve experienced this first-hand yourself. Donations from people in our community allow us to maintain a wide variety of classes, services and activities to promote physical, mental and social health.

At Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre, we take a two-pronged approach to reducing isolation. Clubs, classes, and volunteering are powerful ways to build strong social networks that prevent isolation. For the most vulnerable seniors, our signature Tea & Conversation program provides a weekly opportunity to laugh, chat, dance and build vital friendships.

As the downturn in Alberta continues to take its toll, 8,000 low-income seniors in Calgary are already among the most severely affected. Your gift will ensure all seniors have the opportunity to remain active and involved. Donate today and help reduce social isolation in our community. 

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