CONTACT Community Services


Business Number: 119158608RR0001

CONTACT Community Services is a non-profit registered charity, which has served the South Simcoe Communities for over 35 years.

We provide:

  • FREE Community Information
  • FREE Housing Help
  • FREE Employment and Volunteer services
  • Our community thrift store, The Clothes Line, has served our communities by collecting and selling gently recycled clothing and household goods at affordable prices. The Clothes Line also partners with many local community organizations to provide free clothing and household goods to persons in need.


Our mission is to support the communities of South Simcoe by providing quality services through sustainable, creative solutions to community needs.


Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility, Confidentiality and Privacy, Accessible Services for all, Caring for the Community and Relevancy to the Community.

Everyone Deserves a HOME, EMPLOYMENT and a FUTURE

As a Non-Profit Registered Charity:

  • We take a proactive approach to changing social needs, we identify unmet needs and meet them by providing quality services through sustainable, creative solutions.
  • We reinvest in our communities; $.80 of every fundraising dollar goes back into the community to support our various programs/services.

What we stand for is reflected in everything we do, our logo is a representation of Maslow’s 5 stages of needs (Shelter, Food, Safety, Love and Belonging, Esteem and Personal growth), which are required to motivate us to achieve personal growth.

CONTACT’s Goal is to connect people to the resources needed to motivate and form a solid foundation to achieve success and personal growth.

What People Are Saying

"CONTACT has helped me find a place to stay and employment opportunity but most of all the CONTACT gave me positive support to continue doing what I needed to make a proper life for myself. I was homeless for 3 years now I have a paying job and a place to stay, thanks to the help of CONTACT"

— Client

"The Consultant made me realize I can do something with my life. I have a lot of respect for him and already trust him. Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words."

— Employment Services Client

"You made me feel very comfortable and explained to me how sometimes we get into situations beyond our control. Our family, because of you, got financial assistance that we did not know even existed. I hope to be back to work very soon. Without your help, my family would never have made it. "

— Client

"ChangeTheWorld has helped me reach out to the community as well as earn volunteer hours while making good friends"

— Julia M - Change the World Volunteer

"Volunteering through CONTACT helped me to build my confidence and gain my first Canadian work experience within my field. Through CONTACT I was able to secure a job in my profession with a local law firm. Everyone was wonderful and helped me so much."

— Claudia B - Volunteer

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