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Fraser Barnes Medical Student

My name is Fraser. I'm a medical student finishing the last 18 months of my MD degree at St. George's University and I could really use your help. I have exhausted all of my financial resources and financial support. If I am unable to pay tuition due next month my journey to becoming a doctor will be over.

I am seeking US$97,000 to fund the tuition & examination expenses to complete my medical degree, 1/3rd is due next month. It is my goal to work as a family physician in Canada - helping make a difference in the lives of almost 2,000 Canadian each year.

My family and I have put everything we own, plus loans, into my medical education. The benefits at the end feel like it is worth putting everything I have into it. Most of these benefits are not monetary, nor status driven. It is a wonderful feeling when I bring a smile or understanding and possibly some resolve to someone's health worry. I have felt it with every patient I have met so far; from the IV drug user, to the mum looking for an update, to the 45 year old father diagnosed with terminal cancer, to the prisoner cuffed to the bed, to the elderly person losing independence in daily living activities.

I would like to be there, in a comfortable and caring manner, to help them understand and make decisions about their health and quality of life. I would like to be there helping patients and their families navigate the anxiety and worry. I would like to be there holding the hand of the person that is dying alone.

That's why I need your help. Anything you can give, no matter how small is truly and deeply appreciated. And if you can't offer financial support, your passing this webpage along to anyone who might, is a gift.

- Fraser

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